But Why Can’t I Do It All?

It’s foosball time again dear readers and I for one am super excited about the upcoming change in temperatures.  The summer weather just about kills me, and fall is my favorite season by far.  This is also the time of year that we start wrapping up our summer gardens and spend a lot of time in the kitchen canning and preserving.  And it should be the time when we are planning a fall garden.  Or have the silly thing started.  That’s what I’m working on today and tomorrow.  I have some really cool winter squash that I want to plant and see how they do.  This is also a time for me to be a little disappointed.  Our to-do list is the length of a Stephen King novel, and yet every fall I get in a little funk about not getting it done.  My husband is super human but even he can’t do everything in a matter of a couple of months.  And he has been really busy with his business, which has kept him hopping with orders lately.  I know, I know, we got chickens this year.  And we got ducks this year.  And our pear trees produced more pears than I have recipes for.  But I wanted more from the garden.  In all fairness, and what I have to make sure I remind myself of, is we didn’t have a tiller this year.  My parents are happy to loan us theirs but it can become somewhat of a logistical problem transporting to and from, etc.  So my hubby did what any sane, normal person would do- he tilled the garden by hand.  And he really worked his butt off, so I should clarify here and now- I’m not frustrated with him, he’s amazing (did I say that already?  Oh well, he is).  I’m frustrated that I am not home to do more.  I’m frustrated that the weather didn’t cooperate this year and my green beans are being whiny princesses that aren’t going to give me the bushels of beans I got last year.  And I’m frustrated that this year we will still have to buy produce from the store.  Am I being completely unrealistic and demanding?  Well, yes, but……  Ok, no but, I’m just being unrealistic.  That’s why I want to do a fall garden so badly, though.  So I can redeem myself and my garden a little, even if I’m the only person who is disappointed with it this year.  My husband does try to remind me that we are still learning and growing, that our farm has taken on new dimensions with the addition of livestock, and that both of our jobs are getting more hectic with more responsibility.  But that doesn’t mean that I always listen to him.  What kind of wife would I be if I calmy paid attention to my hubs’ words and was rational?  Exactly.  But I am going to try, because we have worked really hard this year, and we did check a lot of jobs off the master to-do list.  And we even did a bunch of stuff that wasn’t on the list.  I need to write them on the bottom of the list so I can check them off too.  And still to come, I have to learn how to cook with all the squash I’m planting.

Happy Fall (almost)!  It’s time to get ready for some amazing recipes, and cooler temps.

Until next time, dear readers.