Happy Spring


Spring is here.  The birds are singing, the flowers are blooming, and the cat seeds we planted are maturing in the pots nicely.  We have been super busy, as I’m sure you have.  The broccoli and cabbage seeds we started are at their awkward leggy stage, and I’m pretty sure we messed them up a little, but that’s part of it, right?  Regardless, we have a bunch of broccoli that needs a garden to live in.  We also just started a few hundred tomato and pepper seeds.  Hopefully most of those come up, since we can a lot of tomatoes and my hubby could eat some kind of pepper with any meal.  The chickens have all been moved out to the big coop, and three have been moved back into the brooders in the house.  We had a minor incident of cannibalism going on; basically one of the copper laced Wyandottes thought it would be a good idea to peck the other chickens bloody.  She has been separated from her former roomies, and the two hens that got it the worst are recuperating in the hospital wing.  We are treating their bloody injuries much like we did with the Rainbow Ranger whose bum was prolapsed a little- Neosporin and warm water washes.  It is important to get the Neosporin that does NOT have the pain reliever in it, as that is harmful to your chicks.  But they are doing really well in their living quarters for the time being.  And I am so tickled to have feather babies back in the house.

We have both been working a lot.  My hubby is working on a custom chef’s knife for a chef that works in GA.  I have been working all of the (what seems like anyway) nice days and home on the rainy days.  Don’t get me wrong, I love rain, but if Mother Nature decided to do me a teeny tiny favor, and have the rainy days on the work days I have to sleep, and the sunny nice days when I’m home in the garden, well, she would be my favorite.  The garden desperately needs to be tilled soon, and the compost turned.  The chicken yard needs to be finished and the inside of the coop needs a little work.  The office and the guest room both need new floors.  The old apple tree needs to be cleaned up.  The fruit bushes need some love and pruning.  The yard needs to be mowed (always).  And the list could go on it seems.  Tonight I am happy to sit in my old beat up recliner with the cats, and maybe a house rabbit later if he missed me enough, and relax.  Wallow in the bliss of comfy pants and fancy coffee.  And probably take a nap.  I think everything will probably be just as we left it tomorrow when the sun comes up; in need of work.  Happy spring all!