Winter Blues

On the last day of my small stretch of days off, I of course reverted to a day shift schedule.  I’m wide awake at 8:00 a.m., which will be bad news when it’s time to sleep in tomorrow to get ready for working night shift.  But I couldn’t help myself.  So what does a night shift nurse do at 8:00 in the morning?  Today she gets up and makes coffee, lets the house rabbit out of his crate and gets on the interwebs.  Always looking for new gardening and homesteading ideas, I find this is the best way to jump start any day that I want to be productive.  A new recipe, a new vegetable variety we haven’t tried to grow, a new technique for composting or using up more of the produce we get, I’m all for it.  I look at, read and (too often) share it all.  So today it’s a little windy, and a tiny bit chilly and we are trying to find the right time to sit down and plan for next spring.  The rabbit is all over the house, kicking, running and in general being crazy.  He does come get head scratches from his momma though, a brief intermission in the insane energy start.

Coffee in hand, rabbit in lap for a brief moment, I am making my mental list for what to do today.  I should really write it down.  My brain will never retain that information.  But here’s what’s on tap for today:  The Hubs is getting a hair cut.  He is fed up with his long hair.  We have been married for 6 months and I have only just changed my name with the social security office (night shift!), so today I will attempt to get my DL changed.  And we need straw!!  The strawberry and garlic patches will not make it through to next spring without some kind of insulation, and today is the day to buy straw!!  I have been putting it off.  We don’t have a truck or very good way to bring it home.  Today I will throw a tarp in my trunk and we will be off to the races.  So some running around today, but when we get all of that done, I am sitting down and planning my garden.  I got out yesterday and dug my garlic cloves and moved them to a bigger, nicer spot and the dirt under my fingernails reminds me I need to do some gardening, if for no other reason than it is good for my mood and my soul.  Winter can be a dreary time.  In Norway, they celebrate winter for all of its positives, and as a result, they have fewer cases of seasonal depression as a whole.  I can get on board with being excited about holidays because we get together with family and eat, I can get excited about snow, because, well, I like snow.  I can get excited about spending dark, cold days wrapped up in the house reading a book while stew is on the stovetop and homemade bread is in the oven.  That is actually one of my favorite things about this time of year.  But I am a little bummed out about no soil under my fingernails for a few months.  Gardening barefoot and running my fingers through the soil just makes me happy.  I don’t like hot weather, I am not a summertime gal, but I do love my garden.

So for now, I will scour seed catalogs for new additions, and take some joy in their bright photos.  And the hubby and I will plan a garden, and talk about where to plant our new trees, and that will be good too.  But I have a feeling that at least once or twice this winter, I will look out over my garden site and be a little sad that I can’t go dig my toes in the soil.  Well, at least not without getting a little frostbite.



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