Fruits of Our Labor

The weather is heating up here, which is fine but the heat and crushing humidity make it hard to work for long periods in the garden.  I will admit that I am a fan of cold weather.  I know that it’s barely summer, but I am already looking forward to crisp fall days curled up with a cup of steaming coffee, a good book and one of the crazy cats on my lap.  What I will miss though is the garden work.  I had a rough night at work a couple of nights ago and by the time the sun came up and I drove home, I was drained emotionally.  Often it’s the bureaucratic nonsense that saps my soul of all good feeling.  My shoulders slump, my head hangs and my mouth fixes itself into an umbrella of negativity.  I pulled into my driveway after said soul-sucking shift, turned the car off and sat with my hands on the wheel.  I looked out over the yard and noticed all the work that needed doing; the yard needs to be mowed, the daisies need to be deadheaded so we can keep the blooms coming and the jungle needs some tending.  As I felt a massive sigh begin to build in my chest, my gaze fell on our little garden.  18′ x 24′ of blood, sweat and tears.  And gorgeous plants.  I was in the garden in my scrubs and work shoes before my brain even registered that I had gotten out of the car.  I was just looking, trying to see what work needed doing this week when my days off rolled around.  There’s always weeding that can be done; the onions especially were desperate for some TLC.  And as I stood in the dirt, admiring our gorgeous little patch, I saw them.  Green beans were ready to be picked.  I didn’t have a bowl or a bucket.  It didn’t matter.  My heart did a little skip when I saw all the beans that needed to be plucked from their mother plants.  So I started gathering green beans.  I was putting them in all my cargo pockets of my scrubs.  I finally managed to wander into the house, pockets bursting with the beans and my heart bursting with contentment.  They say gardening is cheaper than therapy and you get tomatoes.  There’s some truth to that.  The weight of that shift lifted right off my shoulders with the first bean picked.  Now to just get the weeding caught up.

Onions Need Love Too

Onions Need Love Too

The beans, a Rond de Nuit squash and a coffee cup for size comparison.

The beans, a Rond de Nuit squash and a coffee cup for size comparison.


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